And the Finale.... three balls!

What... you here already?

Yeh, I know, it's hard to resist going to the third ball as soon as possible...

That's fine. There's one thing I learnt at school, and that's: when you're trying to do something that you're finding difficult, and then you try something harder, the thing that you were trying in the first place somehow seems easier than it did the first time!

Makes a lot of sense... I think........... if I can just work out what I meant by that....

Anyway - the three ball juggle. Let's see....

juggle3.gif (23071 bytes)

Oh, so that's it!

Looks tricky huh?

Well, it is... I guess that's why some people get paid to juggle.

The good news is that if you've been practising two balls, you're not too far away from doing this yourself.



Looks like Seymour has already gotten going, so here's the 3-ball rundown:



In fact, the best way to learn this, is to throw all three in the air, and if you find two land next to each other on one side of your body, and one on the other side - you are off to a great start!


The first Step is to hold two balls in one hand, and one in the other (if you have two balls in each hand, then throw one away, and go practise your maths instead of wasting your time juggling).

Here are the steps:  (by now with any luck you'll be able to catch the balls without thinking, and I won't have to fill you in on that).

            When the second reaches it's peak, launch the third. When the third is at it's peak, launch the first again... and so on...

The process is exactly the same as two ball juggling, except you don't stop (until you drop them).

If you've been practising two balls a lot, you'll find this quicker to learn - it isn't easy though... it takes practise, practise, practise.....


A handy tip:

The first major hurdle is to throw all three in the air in turn, and catch all three - this is called a three-ball "flash".

It is important, however, not to stick with this for too long - a common problem I find with beginners is that if they do this for too long - the fourth ball (that's the first ball on it's second throw) seems to "stick: in the hand, it's hard to throw it up in the air. It's much better to keep throwing until all the balls end up on the ground.


Well, that's about it! There is a lot to it, but if you're having problems, try going back to my notes on two balls - that should solve most of your problems.

If you want to know more, send me an email - I might just have some more ideas stuffed away in my brain somewhere.


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